Hancom Open OS ‘Hancom Gooroom’ version update 

Hancom Open OS ‘Hancom Gooroom’ version update

Hancom Open OS ‘Hancom Gooroom’ version update

– Provide ‘Hancom Office 2022 Beta’ for Hancom Gooroom to edit and save documents
– Strengthen security and user experience with providing Anh Lab ‘V3 Lite’ and reorganizing better UI

Hancom Inc. (CEO Byun Sung-joon) provides version 2.2, which updated “Hancom Gooroom,” an open operating system, from the 19th April.

The newly introduced version of Hancom Gooroom OS 2.2 allows intuitive program execution on the desktop through the reorganization of the existing UI (User interface), and further enhances ease of use and stability by updating Gooroom browser and adding help functions.

In particular, Hancom will provide a free beta version of “Hancom Office 2022” exclusively for Hancom Gooroom through this update. The beta version of HancomOffice 2022 consists of a word processor “Hangul”, a spreadsheet “Han Cell”, a presentation “Han Show”, and an document editor “Han Word”, dedicated to MS Word documents, including HWPX and HWP, as well as Microsoft (MS) office documents and Open Document Standard Format (ODF).

In addition, Hancom, in collaboration with AhnLab (CEO Kang Seok-kyun), offers Hancom Gooroom OS users a free PC vaccine for individual users, ‘V3 Lite’. As a result, security has been further enhanced from threats to ransomware and malware, which have many cases of infection on personal PCs.

For existing users, the version 2.2 of Hancom Gooroom can be updated through the update manager function of the Hancom Gooroom OS, and new users can be installed through the Hangul and computer homepage (www.hancom.com) download center.

“We expect that Hancom Gooroom’s business area will expand further as this update enables various documents,” said Kim Dae-ki, vice president of Hancom Inc. “We will continue to update Hancom Gooroom based on customer requirements in the future and strengthen cooperation with the government and related companies.”

Meanwhile, Hancom Gooroom is an OS that was developed by Hancom based on the open OS “Cloud Platform” supported by the Ministry of Science and ICT and developed and released by the National Institute of Security Technology and Hancom. Hancom Gooroom is based on Debian Linux, based on the Linux kernel 4.19, with cloud browsers, image viewers, video players, compression programs, notepads, calculators, and more as basic applications.

In addition, Hancom is striving to create an open OS application SW development environment in Korea by complying with the recommendations of the Open OS Activation Council led by the Ministry of Science and ICT and the Information and Communication Industry Promotion Agency (NIPA).