Converting Hancom Inc. basic document format of the Area-Hangul to open extension type

Converting Hancom Inc. basic document format of the Area-Hangul to open extension type

“Now the Korean language format, Area-Hangul is HWPX, not HWP.”
– Change to default extension open type (HWPX) on save…Drive international standards for open documents
– Machine Readable documentation…Increase utilization of big data and artificial intelligence

Hancom Inc. (CEO Byun Sung-joon) announced on the 15th April that it will carry out regular patches to convert the basic format of the word processor “Area-Hangul” (hereinafter referred to as Hangeul) document into an open type: HWPX.

“HWPX” documents, which are machine-readable document type, can be classified and extracted without a separate process, which will greatly increase the use of documents in big data analysis and artificial intelligence.

HWPX, an open Korean document standard, provides an XML-style open document specification based on the Open Word-Processor Markup Language (OWPML) defined in the Korean Industry Standard (KSX 6101), and Hancom has supported the HWPX format since 2010. Meanwhile, Hancom Inc. is also working with the Korea Electronics Document Industry Association to designate ‘HWPX’ as an international standard to the International Organization for Standardization (ISO).

After the regular patch run on the 15th, the default extension will be saved as HWPX instead of HWP, and you can also save it as an extension to other document types you want by pressing Save As.

“As digital conversion accelerates, the importance of electronic document data is increasing,” said a representative for Hancom Inc., “We will lead the international standardization of electronic documents and expand the utilization.”

The regular patch will be provided through automatic updates for the “Hangul” program at ▲ Hancom Office 2014 VP ▲ Hancom Office Neo ▲ Hancom Office 2018 ▲ Hancom Office 2020.