Hangul Computer Group-Sejong University, established the Aerospace Research Institute

On the 6th, signed an industry-academic cooperation agreement for ‘drone-aerospace joint research and manpower training’ -Establishment of the “Sejong-Hancom Aerospace Research Institute” to establish a joint research system and promote manpower exchange

Hancom Group (Chairman Sang-cheol Kim/Hancom Group) establishes an aerospace research institute in collaboration with Sejong University (President Deok-Hyo Bae), and seeks to secure technology and manpower in the fields of drones and aerospace.

On the 6th, Hancom Group and Sejong University signed an industry-academic cooperation agreement at Sejong University for “joint research on drones and aerospace and nurturing human resources,” with Hancom Group Chairman Kim Sang-cheol and Sejong University President Bae Deok-hyo attended.

Through this agreement, the two organizations newly established the’Sejong-Hancom Aerospace Research Institute’ as a base for industry-academic cooperation, and conducts new technology exchange and joint R&D in the field of drones and aerospace, fostering experts and research manpower exchange, and research on autonomous unmanned vehicles. It is planning to promote the establishment of a joint research system for this purpose.

In addition, with this agreement, Hancom Group signed a business cooperation agreement between Hancom Inspace (CEO Myung-jin Choi), a space and drone company, Sejong University Industry-Academic Cooperation Group (Director Su-Yong Lee), and Sejong-Hancom Aerospace Research Institute (Director Sung-kyung Hong), promised continuous support for operations and development.

Through this, Hancom Inspace will use the ‘ArduPilot-based Autopilot Programming Technology’, an automated drone control technology of Sejong University Professor Hong Seong-gyeong (Faculty of Mechanical, Aerospace Engineering, Director of the Autonomous Unmanned Vehicle Research Center), to advance the unmanned drone operating system’Drone SAT’.

Sejong University converges with the Department of Aeronautical Systems Engineering, Computer Engineering, Software, and Information Security, focusing on the Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, the Department of Intelligent Mechanical Engineering, and the Department of Electronic Information and Communication Engineering to support the university ICT research center development support project, the BK21 project, and the university research center. It is carrying out a number of large-scale national projects such as projects, and is actively conducting convergence research and manpower training in the fields of drones and aerospace, such as operating the’Intelligent Drone Convergence Major’ of general graduate schools.

Deok-hyo Bae, president of Sejong University, said, “With this agreement, Sejong University will do its best to secure global-level technology and build infrastructure, cultivate key talents, and preoccupy the world market through various industry-academic cooperation with Hancom Group.” “Through this, we will spare no effort to develop’drones and aerospace field’ as one of Sejong University’s representative brands.”

Hancom Group Chairman Kim Sang-Cheol said, “By establishing a research institute with Sejong University, which leads the domestic aerospace engineering field, we have laid the foundation for securing cutting-edge technology and excellent talent in the field of drones and aerospace.” “We will also strive to create synergy with the group companies so that the aerospace industry can become the growth engine of the group.”