Establishment of industry-academia-linked educational cooperation system and development and operation of customized curriculum for corporate issues

Hancom Intelligence (CEO Chang-Gun Ji), a consolidated subsidiary of Hancom MDS, signed a business agreement with Hanyang University’s Industry-Coupled Problem Based Learning (IC-PBL) Teaching and Learning Center to discover artificial intelligence business models.

At the agreement ceremony held at Hancom Tower (located in Seongnam-si, Gyeonggi-do), Hancom Intelligence CTO Oh Soon-young and Lim Kyu-geon, head of the IC-PBL Teaching and Learning Center at Hanyang University, as well as key officials from both institutions attended, establishing a close cooperation system through IC-PBL education as a medium.

IC-PBL is an educational innovation model developed by Hanyang University, and through linkages between companies and schools, students can directly derive solutions to corporate and social problems, and develop problem-solving capabilities that reflect social demand. Through this agreement, Hancom Intelligence develops and operates IC-PBL courses tailored to companies to help cultivate talented people with the competencies required by companies. In addition, the company plan to cooperate with the development of retraining curriculum to strengthen the competencies of corporate members.

In particular, this semester, Hanyang University is planning to hold a course to propose a business model based on artificial intelligence of Hancom Intelligence with students through the undergraduate course of’Artificial Intelligence and Business’ at Hanyang University Business School.

Soon-young Oh, CTO of Hancom Intelligence, said, “Through this agreement, we open lectures based on actual business topics and create business models that can be applied to actual management based on students’ novel ideas. “I will create a leading industry-academic cooperation model.”